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Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership


Erik Lemcke

Welcome to my website. My name is Erik Lemcke. I am a Copenhagen-based author, veteran consultant and sculptor. It’s been over 30 years ago since I first heard about the methods of Social Ecology. At that time, I had a degree in Organization and Management, plus I had been a systems engineer consultant and manager at IBM for 19 years. Soon after, I decided to dive into Social Ecology’s methodology and change my career path.

In 1987, I became a co-initiator to a consultant company entitled, “Institute for Social Ecology”.  Since then I have, in my professional and private life, focused on Social Ecology, leadership and holistic principles in relation to business life and civil society.

After having focused on sustainability and Social Ecology for many years, I decided to document my experience in this book, Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership. Herein, I share both theory and practice in developing organizations and society in a holistic way.

               The need for

Social Ecological methods today

From my perspective, more and more people are becoming aware of the critical challenges facing our planet, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and the exploitation of natural resources. This awareness has led to a global movement in terms of the world finding sustainable solutions, both in relation to the planet but also in relation the development of organizations.


This has led to increasing numbers of men and women in organizations searching for dialog-based methods with which to involve employees and colleagues in the development process. These methods should be creative and collaborative in their approach to decision making. These holistic and sustainable methods can even be spiritually based. It is in this context that Social Ecology is interesting.


Use of the methods set out in Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership, form the basis of a conscious transformation in our use of the natural resources on which we depend, in order to once again create sustainable development on our planet. Social Ecology is based on this recognition and allows us to practice the art of social creation more consciously. The need for developing sustainability mentalities as individuals, organizations and last but not least as societies, runs as a red thread through Social Ecology and this book.


The different sections of this website permit me to unfold the above and much more in relation to the content of my book: Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership.


I am also a sculptor. The artwork on the cover and throughout this website are all works that I have created. Forms found in nature are holistic and organic; the same is true of my sculpture and the principles of Social Ecology.

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