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Book overview

This book is written from the standpoint of one facilitator sharing experiences and recommendations to another facilitator or process consultant.


This condensed Guide consists of two parts. The main body introduces the working methods which are useful to process consultants, development consultants and holistic facilitators. It covers the following:

Part 1. Basic concepts of Social Ecology: The art of questioning, the art of listening and the art of looking back

Part 2. Teambuilding – how to work efficiently in groups

Part 3. Judgment building

Part 4. Initiative taking. Organizational change processes. Social ecological leadership in organizations. Conflict resolution and the dynamics of conflict

Part 5. Personal development and personal qualities to master as a facilitator. Working with your own biography – your life’s story

Part 6.0 Conclusion


The second part consists of appendices:

A.1: Short Historical Background of Social Ecology

A.3: Social Ecology and the Systemic Methods

A.4: Overview of Exercises

A.5: Seminar Programs and Support Material


Readers interested in the spiritual aspects which lie behind the social ecological methods can find it in: A2: Anthroposophical Spiritual Terminology

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