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 Erik Lemcke

Synopsis of my Professional Background


  • 1968 I was hired as a Systems Engineer consultant in IBM, Denmark. In those days, there were no academic programs in IT/computing. IBM had created their own Nordic Education Training Center in Stockholm. My favorite disciplines were systems analysis/design and project management.

  • 1977 I became an instructor at the Nordic Education Center, Stockholm and trained new systems engineers in data processing disciplines and project management.

  • 1979 I was promoted to Systems Engineer Manager (SEM). Here, I learned leadership and management.

  • 1984 I became Business Area Manager (BAM). Here, I learned strategic business thinking and planning. This job involved regular interaction with IBM’s European headquarters in Paris in relation to strategic decisions. 



Organizational Development/Facilitator 

  • 1987 I co-founded the “Institute for Social Ecology”, I worked as a process consultant and facilitator in the area of Organizational Development. Working areas included: team building, change management processes, vision-building, leadership training, judgment building and initiative taking.  

  • 1990 I became a member of International Organization Development Association (IODA) which is an international network of OD professionals, consultants and practitioners. I was IODA’s liaison to Denmark in a period. Through that work, I started giving seminars in Moscow in 1990, which at that time was still The Soviet Union.

  • Also in 1990, I founded danSET Consulting (Danish Social Ecology Transformation). The mission of danSET was to contribute to the Social Ecological Transformation of organizations, in that they became sustainable through the use of the Social Ecological methods. I added conflict resolution, dialog, value-based leadership development and facilitating to my working areas. I went on to add personal development and biographical/life story seminars. Years later, in 2005, I began to offer seminars based on Theory U and Social Ecology to my clients who were primarily municipalities and universities.

  • 1990 I became a member of the “Association for Social Development” (ASD), an international network of OD consultants based on the Lievegoed Impulses. In 2014, I became an emeritus member of ASD.

  • Since 1992, I have regularly offered non-profit seminars in Social Ecology in Eastern Europe, primarily Lithuania, for those connected to Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens.

Sustainability and Transformation  

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  • An awareness of sustainability leads to “transformation” and the urge to act. My awareness of sustainability has been evolving since the 1970’s. In the early 80’s my family started to buy organically grown products whenever possible. The background for this change, was that I became aware of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science, known as Anthroposophy.

  • The 1992 UN Rio Declaration (Agenda 21) led to my collaboration with Nicanor Perlas of the Philippines, in the creation of the international Civil Society Organization (CSO), “GLOBENET3”… dedicated to the role of civil society in creating sustainable communities and democratic renewal. Thereafter, I co-founded a Danish CSO, which focused on the role of civil society in creating sustainable communities and democratic renewal

  • 1994 I wrote an article entitled, “How to Transform Danish Agriculture to Organic Farming over the Next 20 Years” and sent it to the Danish Minister of Agriculture.

  • Fast forward to 2010 where I based my Masters thesis at Roskilde University (Denmark), on the international movement known as “Transition Town. I co-initiated “Transition Town Denmark” and I was chairman for three years with focus on the need for “transition” in local communities and organizations. This movement is based on the question, “How can we strengthen quality of life and create resilient communities with less consumption?”


  • 1968: IBM had their  own Nordic Education Center in Stockholm. To a start I spend 3time 5 week  in programming, system design, project management.

  • 1973: A Graduate Diploma in Organization and Management development at CBS Copenhagen

  • 1975: Specialist training at IBM “European Systems Research Institutes"  (ESRI)  Brussels in Digital computing and Data Processing systems.

  • 1987: Training in Lievegoed’s principles and methods in “Social Ecological Associates” (SEA’s) training  center I Sweden. 5 times 3 weeks and the rest was learning by doing. Supplemented with specialist training in among other Conflict resolution. The rest was learning by doing 

  • 2009: I received a master’s degree from Roskilde University in Denmark, as Master  Social Entrepreneurship (MSE), about the “Transition Town” movement in UK focusing on climate issues and sustainability.

  • In 2010 I became  a “Certified Transition Trainer” through the CSO Transition Network Training, UK. wise we  primarily used “Open Space” and “World Café” methods

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Personal life and interests

  • Born in Denmark 1944.

  • I have always enjoyed an active life… scouting, cycling, sailing, construction/renovation, creating sculpture, and tango dancing. I also sing bass in an historic Danish longshoremen's choir from 1892, The Harbor Choir.

  • All of these, plus reading and contemplation… have all held a significant spot in my life.

  • My immediate family consists of my wife, my married daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. 

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